Minecraft: Living It

November 20, 2010

Forge Press did a gorgeous feature on the world’s easiest sheep-shearing sim a few weeks ago, and I wrote a pretentious NGJ piece for it. Some time passed, and I posted it on Rock Paper Shotgun’s Writer Hive.

Deep underground, I creep towards the edge of the precipice. Closer to the surface I had planted burning torches in the sediment to illuminate my way down, but now the white glow of the magma provides me with all the light I need to get to work.

Scanning the cavern roof, I spy a blue-grey gleam in the false twilight. Diamond. With one eye on a nearby subterranean river, I scan the contents of my bag like a golfer preparing for a shot, eventually selecting an iron pickaxe.

It’s only short; stick the kettle on, click this link and you’ll be done with it before you can say WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL ARE MY HOBNOBS.


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